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521 Stowe Road
Belmont, NC 28012


  • No More Overbooked Courts

    Our court reservation system makes it easy to keep all your court reservations organized. No more embarrassing conflicts.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Our easy to use mobile app makes it super easy for your members to see court availability, signup for the next round robin, or book a beginning lesson with a pro!

  • Membership Tiers

    Setup booking rules and restrictions by membership type. We support both individual and family memberships.

  • Booking Windows

    Easily setup booking windows to allow courts to be open or closed at certain times.

  • Sliding Rate Schedules

    Control and setup prime time rates to supercharge your revenue during primetime booking windows.

  • Group Management

    Setup member groups by membership and/or skill level. Quickly get members playing with others that match up in skill. Send emails and event notifications to targeted groups with ease.

Visit our website:
CourtReserve | 521 Stowe Road Belmont, NC 28012 USA | 704x-530x-4342
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